June 2022 Update

I always like reading about what media other people are enjoying, so I thought I’d give it a try myself! These are some things that come to mind from the first half of 2022.


In terms of TV shows, the two that really stuck out recently were Severance S1 and the first part of Better Call Saul S6. Both of them are incredibly well-made and I can’t describe a whole lot about them without spoilers. I recommend both very highly, though.

I’ve been thinking recently about how I haven’t watched many movies for a while. I tend to get pretty indecisive when trying to pick something to watch on a streaming service and doubly-so for movies, but now that Dune is available, maybe I’ll start there.




I often listen to playlists during the day because they take less effort to find something adequate but every now and then I will go flip through some digital albums that have been released recently. Fortunately, I’ve found quite a bit that I’ve enjoyed in the last few months! Some of these aren’t new, but they are “new to me”.

As you can imagine, my Spotify recommendations are kind of confused with the above genres being my top two at the moment.


I’m playing a few more games now that I have an actual video card again.